Despite the fact that prominent football figures like Michel Platini and Frederic Thiriez are scratching their heads at Spanish Real Madrid’s latest financial moves, the club appears to have a plan in mind.

With Real Madrid offering a whopping GBP 80 million to Cristiano Ronaldo, they could lose earn GBP 500 million in marketing and merchandising as a result.

In addition to the club retaining its position as the richest club in the world, The Sun points out that Real Madrid could take a significant jump ahead of Manchester United in relation to ‘world domination.’

Club president Florentino Perez appears to have no regrets, advising that Ronaldo is well-worth the expense – not based solely on his on-field abilities, but the fact that the superstar player will ‘pay for himself’.

According to a Real Madrid source, Ronaldo could bring a possible GBP 510 million to the club over the course of a decade, helping to compensate for the loss of David Beckham.

In fact, the source went on to suggest that Ronaldo could take over where Beckham left off, advising that the newcomer is capable of making a huge difference at Real Madrid over the next five to 10 years.

As Ronaldo gets ready to take his place at Real Madrid, the club expects television revenue to increase.

Now facing the fourth year of a GBP 880 million deal, Real Madrid remains confident that the contract will be extended or improved upon following Ronaldo’s move from Manchester United.

Michel Platini, UEFA President, cannot support the GBP 80 million bid put forth by Real Madrid for Ronaldo, particularly in light of recent economic turmoil, and Platini has referred to the act as ‘excessive’.

The UEFA president recently spoke to Reuters, indicating that the offer was ‘very puzzling’, given the fact that the sport is now facing some of its ‘worst ever financial challenges’.

He went on to note that such profitable transfers take away from the sense of equality so strongly revered by smaller clubs.

UEFA is now considering capping the amount a club is able to spend on transfers and wages. While the new rules would not apply to funds put forth by a club owner, the money would have to be invested in infrastructure expenses, such as stadium development.

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Real Madrid have retained to be the number one of world's wealthiest club for four year in a row. The second place is English champion Manchester United.

The financial information from the 2007-2008 season was used in compiling the list. The weakness of the pound made the difference

for United, as they would have achieved the low top rank if the value of the pound had been retained, Dan Jones, partner in the Sports Business Group at Deloitte said. Manchester United had a 21 percent revenue increase. Real Madrid has an increase of 4 percent, giving them a lead on United of EUR 41 million.

FC Barcelona retained their position at third place, while Chelsea dropped to fifth. Claiming third place is Bayern Munich, up for seventh place the previous season.

"The unique nature of the football industry will enable major clubs to be relatively resistant to the economic downturn," said Paul Rawnsley, director in the Sports Business Group.

"Clubs' match attendances are holding up well and clubs in each of England, Germany, France and Spain have TV deals secured well into the future at enhanced levels.

Position (06/07) Club Revenue EUR/m (GBP/m)
1 (1) Real Madrid 365.8 (289.6)
2 (2) Manchester United 324.8 (257.1
3 (3) FC Barcelona 308.8 (244.4)
4 (7) Bayern Munich 295.3 (233.8)
5 (4) Chelsea 268.9 (212.9)
6 (5) Arsenal 264.4 (209.3)
7 (8) Liverpool 210.9 (167.0)
8 (6) AC Milan 209.5 (165.8)
9 (11) AS Roma 175.4 (138.9)
10 (9) Internazionale 172.9 (136.9)
11 (12) Juventus 167.5 (132.6)
12 (13) O. Lyonnais 155.7 (123.3)
13 (16) Schalke 148.4 (117.5)
14 (10) Tottenham 145.0 (114.8)
15 (15) Hamburger SV 127.9 (101.3)
16 (19) O. Marseille 126.8 (100.4)
17 (14) Newcastle United 125.6 (99.4)
18 (n/a) VfB Stuttgart 111.5 (88.3)
19 (n/a) Fenerbahce 111.3 (88.1)
20 (n/a) Manchester City 104.0 (82.3)

Source: Deloitte: 2009

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